The Garreau Group is an organization made up of Joel Garreau and his world-wide network of sources and colleagues who anticipate the future. Through more than 30 years of writing, speaking and consulting, Garreau has gained an international reputation as a leading interpreter of social, geographic and psycho-demographic trends. As part of his ongoing drive to understand human cultures, Garreau has formed a large network of specialists and experts representing a huge cross section of disciplines who, like him, study and decode critical aspects of our modern world.

Given the seismic changes that are shaking – and shaping – the world in the 21st Century, there’s an unquenchable demand for the kind of cool-headed, innovative and often startling explanations and connections that are The Garreau Group’s specialty.

The role of the Garreau Group is to line clients’ needs to the right person within the Group. Clients have included Volvo and Ford, Prudential and Allstate, Coca Cola and McDonalds, the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School and the University of California at Berkeley, the Urban Land Institute, NBC and Steven Spielberg, Eastman-Kodak and Electrolux, Boots the Chemist and the City of Rotterdam, IBM and TRW, The American Association of Advertising Agencies, the National Drug Manufacturers Association, Reason Foundation and many more, plus companies and groups around the world, in Brazil, Japan, Australia, Sweden, Korea, Britain, the Netherlands, Italy, Turkey, Canada and Germany. All are looking for answers about how to position themselves to catch the future and make it happen.

Typically, clients are seeking a speech or presentation to set the tone for a meeting or conference. However, others are looking for more in-depth interpretations. Some seek “scenario planning,” a process that requires a minimum of two days of intense exploration and discussion in a workshop format.

To learn more about services and rates, please contact The Garreau Group at or call +540.347.1414.

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